Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow Snow Go Away!

Every morning I wake up and open the window to look at what the day brings. Lately it's been a lot of snow! I love snow up until Christmas and then I would love for it to be summer! It has been snowing here so much lately and too many people are getting into accidents. There is a very sad story that just happened last night. A 9 month old pregnant woman died in a head on collision with a Semi-truck. The baby was delivered in the hospital and thankfully survived the accident. The sad thing is that she had 6 other kids at home. The family is in my sister's ward boundaries but they aren't LDS and we are going to try to help them out. Let's pray for them! Click here to read more. So everyone DRIVE CAREFULLY!!

Girls Night Out

I love hanging out with the girls. My good friends have stuck together since high school. We have made it a tradition now to get together once a month and get out of the house! I have found that getting out with my girlfriends is very rewarding and even a stress reliever!

Christmas time 2007 we got together at Holly's house. We played games and had a gift card exchange and somehow we all ended up with what we wanted!

Recently we went out to eat at the Old Spaghetti Factory downtown Boise. It was the worst service I have ever had. The waiter was hating life because he didn't smile or say "Hello" he just asked us "what are you having?" and didn't really say much more, he flopped our extra bread right on the table and walked away without fixing it, Holly asked for tomatoes on her pasta and gave her marinara instead, and when we were leaving he accused us of not paying for one meal when it was sitting there on the table for him! I wouldn't recommend it, but Holly and I still had fun laughing it up with our pregnant friends. Andra, in pink, is due Feb 16th and Kami, in yellow, is due May 10th. I'm so excited for them!

Just last weekend we had a Baby Shower for Andra. It was fun to see all of the cute things that she got for her baby girl.

Holly's (on the right) parents own a Bowling Ally. That girls night we had all of the lanes and music to ourselves. That was so much fun to bowl the night away and just be ourselves...a bunch of dorks that is!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

2 Wrecks in 2 Days!

That's right I've been in two "fender benders" in 2 days.
Two days ago it was snowing really bad and the roads were very slick. I tried to stop at a stop light and pumped my breaks and kept sliding. I was getting way too close to the car ahead of me and couldn't do anything about it. I honked at the last minute hoping they would magically move out of my way. Well that didn't happen and I barely tapped her car. It bent up my hood a little and left line of scuffed up paint on bumper. It ended up being a nice older lady who didn't care to take my insurance information because it didn't do anything to her car (luckily). So it ended up OK.
Then yesterday...I was going to the post office for work and was about to back up and BAM! A guy backed into me while he was on his cell phone of course! I got out and looked at my back bumper and didn't see any marks. I couldn't believe what just happened though. The guy got out of his car and never got off of his cell phone though. We ended up calling it good and nothing happened once again.
I am so lucky that nothing worse happened. I don't think anyone can beat that record!

Monday, January 7, 2008


As many of you probably know already I started up my own business with Scentsy. I'm obsessed with it already! I am very excited to be a Scentsy consultant and have a job that is a party! Todd and I discussed the possibility of me starting a business like this for some extra income. We decided that it would be a great idea especially since Todd is taking 19 credits this semester. I will be holding off on school this semester and I will dedicate my time to Scentsy. So spread the word! If you need more products or want to know more about Scentsy visit my website or click here