Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Temp Jobs-Gotta Love Em!

I am temporarily working at NxEdge. This is my last week here. I am the receptionist and answer the phones and do a bunch of data entry for them. The people are very friendly and professional here-unlike my last job that laid me off over the phone!
My first few days it was REALLY hard to get the name down when answering the phones. Their name is pronounced almost like NextEdge not N-X-Edge. When I answer the phone I am supposed to say "Thank you for calling NxEdge this is Kim" A few times if I was caught off guard and the phone rang I have accidentally said "Thank you for calling NEXTEL" because that is the closest relation that I have to their name! It was really funny. The lady just laughed at me and it's a good thing her husband worked here and it wasn't a business contact. I have slipped up a few times and I can't help but to just laugh about it!
I am currently searching for a job. I had 2 interviews last week. I am applying for an administrative assistant at a great accounting firm downtown. I am in the process of "interviewing" with them. I have briefly talked with someone over the phone and she had me do some online program testing and THEN I will get a personal interview. It went really well so keep your fingers crossed because that's the job I want! So it's coming along and I will hear from them soon.

As for Todd-he is studying to become a personal trainer. I just had to put this picture on here because I think it's hilarious. Don't worry I'm pretty sure that I won't let Todd look like that!(that's gross) Hopefully by the end of March he will be certified and be able to work for a gym in town. He would love to get away from the O.G. as soon as he can. Todd will be such a great trainer. He works really well with people and knows how to have a good time. I'm excited for him. He is actually trianing us both right now for a triathlon in August. I'm not sure how he convinced me to do it with him but he did! I'm actually doing the Sprint Triathlon. It will force me to get into great shape. I'm excited for it though, it will be a rush.


I know that Valentine's Day has long ago been over with but I forgot to post something about it! First of all Todd had to work on that night and so we celebrated the night before. He surprised me by taking me to Kyoto's where they cook your meal in front of you. We have been wanting to go there for a while and never did. I was excited because I hadn't been there since I was a little girl. It's entertaining to watch them cook your food and do all of those cool moves with their cooking utensils. Near the end the guy cooked up the shrimp and flipped it up into our mouths-no one at our table caught the shrimp-and mine hit my lip! We had a good time. I am disapointed that I forgot my camera though!
We got home and Todd had surprised me with a little gift. We didn't really think about getting gifts because of his big birthday present the week before! He got me a tanning package because I have been complaining about how white I am. I truely am the whitest I've ever been in my life and I hate it. I used to be a lifeguard and I was always tan. I'm not the biggest fan of tanning but at this point I don't really care. So I am ready to be a normal color after the long drawn out winter months. Later that night we went to Todd's indoor soccer game. I can't remember if they won or not-I'm sure they did! Overall we had a great first V-Day together.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Todd!

Todd's Birthday was Feb. 6th. Todd had to wake up early to go to school so I woke up with him and helped him get some things ready for his day.
I had a few small presents to give to him in the morning to start his Birthday off right. He got this fun rotating tie rack that is so nice to use. I still needed to do some last minute shopping for him so as he headed out the door so did I. I found just what he wanted. Todd has been asking for this for a long while and I thought it was about time.

A new TV! I saw it a few weeks earlier and almost bought it then but they were out of stock. It had been growing on me for a while and I just had to have it. If you have been to our apt. you would know that we had a tiny 20" tv that you could hardly see and it wasn't a great picture. We upgraded to a 32" Vizio. I thought it was time for Todd to get his wish. He was so surprised!!

Todd's parents treated us to a nice dinner @ Carinos. Then Todd headed off to Scouts for a few hours.

I went and rented a movie for us to watch on our new tv. I decided to get Ladder 49 because Todd hadn't seen it yet and I remember it was really good. It is kind of depressing but I have more respect for firefighters after watching it, and I'm glad that I'm not married to one. We ended the night by watching the movie as Todd received a bunch of "Happy Birthday" phone calls. It was a fun day.