Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hawaii 2012

We had the great opportunity to visit Hawaii in March this year!
I earned a trip with the company I used to work for
i declare! charms
Sunset on Waikiki.
I will live in Hawaii someday because Hawaii sunsets are my favorite! 
 My sister-in-laws and I went over early to work....and play!
Running on Waikiki beach with Brooke (thanks for the finger in the pic :) 
Annette had a broken hand so she went walking, and we met up for breakfast at
Eggs 'N Things for coconut pancakes....yum!

 The men finally arrived and we flew over to Kauai and toured the amazing hotel nearby.
Hike on the Napali Coast. The views were amazing!

 Love the views!
 Wanted to eat that coconut. 
Also notice the Rooster to the right. They were everywhere!

 We loved stand up paddle boarding! A must do activity. 

 Who doesn't love ABC Stores and Chocolate covered Macadamia nuts? 
We ate so many of those....

 Out to eat with live chill music

 Beautiful walk to the beach. Todd loves pictures :)
 Walkin' on the beaches was my fav.

I will miss you beautiful Hawaii. We will be back soon...

A New Adventure

In November 2011 I started a new business with doTERRA Essential Oils. 
doTERRA has changed my life in many ways, emotionally, physically, and financial security. I teach classes on natural health with essential oils. It's amazing what the Lord left on the Earth for our use. It's amazing the things that we put up with before! An ear infection can be treated for around $0.20 with a few drops of Melaleuca!
We can get help emotionally, for physical ailments, and seeing it help others is amazing! It's been a great blessing in our lives and we are grateful for the friends we have met along the way.

Gateway Arch-Yes I went up it!
I took a trip out to St. Louis to do classes for a good friend of mine, Laura Katseanes

My oil picture by the Arch was submitted to doTERRA around the world gallery. 
Team member teaching an awesome introduction to essential oils class!
I've had so much fun in this business. I love my team and continue to look for willing and capable individuals to expand those we can reach out to and help.
Let me know if you would like to learn more and come to a class.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


This our Christmas puppy! Isn't she cute?
The bad thing about black labs is that
they don't show up in pictures very well.

She was so cute and little.
Now she has her own attitude
and tries to get out of trouble with
her adorable puppy eyes!
This is my pillow she got a hold of.
She looks sweet but...
She is a big cuddle bug and very sweet too.
We have learned a lot from this girl.
Well one main thing...Patience!
I feel at times it must be like having a child.
~You have to wake up in the middle of the
night to feed her (when she was younger).
~She is constantly wanting attention.
~If you aren't watching she will get to something
you didn't think of putting out of the way!
I love her but I feel at times I have no freedom!
Well I better get used to that right?!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


February 14th, 2010

San Francisco~
Hooray for:
~Lombard Street~

~Ferry rides
& Foggy Mornings~

"The Rock"
~Beautiful Views~
(and crazy hair days)
~Amazing Bridges~
~Fun Bike Ride Across the Golden Gate Bridge!~

~Delicious Ghirardelli!~
~Yummy Clam Chowder Bread Bowls~
I loved this city!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

....long time?

Wow it's been a while! I'm pretty lame I know. Lots has happened!

Well great news for those who haven't heard yet....We bought a house. It has been such a long journey that I don't even want to explain all of the trouble and craziness we had to go through. Here's a few hints...short sale (4 mo.), 1st realtor & broker fell through, got a new broker 1 week before closing (stressful), and lots more stressful things along the way. Thanks to Tracy Conklin (realtor) & Jennifer Conklin @ Guild Mortgage we were able to get this house in the end!

I will say I'm not a fan of the process but I am so thrilled to be in my own house! Yipee! It is a great house too. We don't have to fix anything up really. Our first step will be to put tile in the bathroom...who wants carpet in the bathroom? The house is only 2 yrs old, 3 bdrm 21/2 bath, 1651 sqft. Not a CBH by the way! It has lots of space for us, it's a great neighborhood and ward. Whoop Whoop! I can't tell you how happy we are to have the stress gone and a place to live!

More pix to come...I only have the listing pictures right now but you get the idea.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New warmers...


Buy Segment 1

Friday, February 20, 2009

Trying to catch random order

Roses for V-Day

Our big cheeks! (McKai)

Artist for a Day finished products

Holly's B-Day (right) At Kami's Viziato Salon

The most hilarious White Elephant gift I received yet.
size 16

Christmas at my parents

New Years at Brooke's

Yummy Sparkling Cider
Tipped em back just for fun.