Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy 1 Year to US!

June 30th

I can't believe it has been a year! I used to think that a year was a long time and yet
here we are already! 
We didn't have a lot of time to do much so we hung around all afternoon
and went swimming. We went to eat at Smoky Mountain Pizza (I work there, yumm!). I had to work that night and Todd had to go to school.
What a day of Celebration huh?

It has been a great year of getting to know
each other. I couldn't be more happy with my husband. 
He is:
  •  patient
  • loving
  • handsome 
  • motivating
  • determined
  • easy going
  • kind
  • a priesthood holder
  • has great taste
  • family oriented 
Todd is such a great person and I see that more and more everyday. 
When I look around at people I work with and other relationships in the world
I think how good I have it. My husband is in no way abusive, or uses me, or
uses profanity, or those other awful things. He is an angel compared
to the things going on in this world. I hope I can be a better wife
for him and learn from his good examples.
I'm grateful for Todd and that we will be together forever!

I have been very behind on my blogging! Here are a few updates with what has been going on with us.
We have been spending a lot of time with family. Above is Todd with cute little Claire Bear that looks like Pebbles with her little pig-tail and big blue eyes! We have moved downtown recently so we get to see her and Lincoln a lot more. 

Finally we got to meet Tyler! Todd's brother Greg and his fun family came into town and we got to see our nephew for the 1st time!
We went to Merrill Park so the kids could play in the splash park and we had a picnic. It was a HOT day. Here are the Boys. (Dad, Greg, Tyler, Todd)

On the 4th of July I worked and then met up with Todd's side of the fam at Jeff's house for a BBQ and some fireworks. All of the kids lined up for Greg to light their sparklers. 

More Family Parties. 
At my parents house we played some fun games. Above Brooklyn is finishing up our
game of Sculptionary(sp?) It's Pictionary but you sculpt it out of playdough!
It is really fun! You sculpt simple things like "Button, shovel, pizza" but it's
tougher than it seems!  
The other game we had going on was Lasso Golf. There are a lot of names for 
this game but it is really fun. This is my grandma taking a shot at it.
You throw the rope with golf balls knotted on each end and try
to lasso it to the poles for points. It is a very addicting game-go get it!!