Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Fun

Easter Morning Todd and I woke up and went to the park. I have been asking to go to the park for a while because I just love it downtown so much. So we went to feed the birds. The seagulls were going crazy and the geese were getting mad. We were getting surrounded by them and I had to jump into the back seat of the car because they were going to get me ;-)

After church we went over to Mom & Dad's to have a little Easter Egg hunt with Chad & Andee's kids. They were the only kids able to come that day but it was a blast watching them look for the eggs that were in plain view all over the back yard. (In the picture Gigi-Maija-Rocco) These kids were so funny when we tried to read an Easter story together Rocco got hurt and started crying then Maija got hurt second and was crying and Gigi started walking around and we were just waiting for something to happen. Even though we couldn't hear the story it was fun to be with the family on Easter!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ride it!

My very own-1st bike ever! This weekend Todd and I headed to the bike shop to take a look at some bikes for me to use for the triathlon. We found one that was a great fit and took it home! This morning I finally got to use it. Our church is at 3:00 so we had the whole morning to go for a ride. We went down by Hawks stadium and hopped on the greenbelt all the way to Ann Morrison park downtown and then back. I think it was around 10 miles round trip and I was able to keep up! It was so peaceful and pretty out today I loved it. I love my bike and I'm excited to go on more bike-rides as the weather permits!

Friday, March 7, 2008

McKai Chase Porter

Last weekend we finally got to meet McKai! My family drove over to Pocatello to go to the baby blessing. It was so much fun to see Mike, Amber, Caiden, & McKai. Caiden is such a smart little boy! It's amazing how fast they grow when you aren't able to see them regularly. We had lots of fun staying up late and playing card games (Squeak of course!!) Mike and I were able to go swimming and he helped me out in my prep for the triathlon. It was a good weekend gettaway!

Poor Todd!

Todd had a little accident yesterday. He was riding his bike to the gym and in a hurry lost his grip on his peddle and got a pretty deep cut on his ankle. We tried to stop the bleeding at home and wrap it up but that wasn't enough. It kept bleeding all the way to the BSU basketball game we were heading to. The constant bleeding lasted about 3 hours! As we were walking it was still bleeding and we were right by the Rec Center and I told Todd let's get someone to help us in there. After talking with the sports med people they suggested that he get some stitches.

Off we went. Luckily Annette, our sis-in-law, was working that night and was able to get us in the door at the hospital. We were very lucky that she was able to hook us up with a doctor because that bill would have been ridiculous other wise! We are grateful it wasn't worse!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I've been Tagged!

A. Post The Rules
B. Answer the Questions about yourself
C. After posting, tag 5 people by going to their blog and leaving a comment.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago??
I was in 7th grade wearing JNCO jeans thinking I was cool in baggy pants(yuck). That year I was in long distance and long jump(what were they thinking?)in track at school and that's the final year I did that. I would also hang out with my best friend Mary Schultz all the time, we couldn't be separated!

2. 5 Things on my To-Do List Today...
-Work (NxEdge)
-Go to the Temple for ward night
-Work(for my brother 2nd job)
-Buy Kami a baby gift
-Give my Grandma her Scentsy order

3. What snacks I enjoy...
Well I am trying to watch my diet and so there's not much that I enjoy eating but here's a few:
-Pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, walnuts (it's a good combo & healthy)
-ironically someone just handed me a little brownie at work and I'm going to eat that right now! ;-)
-Yogurt & granola
-I always enjoy chocolate!

4. What would I do if I were to suddenly be a Billionaire?
I would scream & leap for joy. Quit working forever! Then we would pay off school, my car, & any other bills. Buy new clothes, cars & go and get messages after a long day of shopping. Then I would get the plans started for my parents to build us our dream home! Then we would travel Europe. And then travel some more. Invest a lot of it, start our own business, donate some and maybe start a homeless center. And I would give a chunk to family members to help them out as well. Oh wouldn't that be nice!
And start having kids and lots of them!

5. 3 Bad Habits...
-I burp-only around Todd and I'm sure he loves it :]
-Put my makeup on in the car (sometimes)

6. 5 Places I've lived...
-Cape Cod, Massachusetts
-I've skipped from place to place around town but that's it!

7. 5 Jobs I've had...
-Sno Shack-my 1st job!
-Sprint Store Saleswoman
-Waitress @ Smoky Mnt. Pizza & Lighthouse Inn

8. 5 Things People don't Know About Me...
-I've been skydiving
-I've traveled to London, Paris & Rome-I love to travel!!
-I'm usually late (that's why I speed)
-I have never had sushi
-I can't relax-ever! I hate it!

Now I pick 5 people to TAG and I TAG...
Jen, Larua, Livi, Rachel, Kimberly, Kara