Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Janet Clarkson Memeorial Triathlon

Last Thursday we headed out to West Yellowstone with my family to set up camp. Friday we drove through the park and saw lots of buffalo, some elk, bald eagles, and pretty scenery. 
Below is one of the many geysers that we saw. We also went to Old Faithful and it wasn't very faithful. Usually it will go off every hour but it went off about 10 minutes late!

Saturday morning I woke up about 6:30 and the race began @ 10:00. Todd got a little more sleep than I did-I can't sleep in when I camp. 

 We started to get my wetsuit on about 20 minutes before the race. It was closing in on starting time and I was feeling the nerves begin because I don't like to be rushed. Also they announced that the race was 1000 meters (I haven't swam that far yet!). I knew that the race was .65 of a mile but a 1000 meters was a little different because in a pool I've swam 800 meters at most.  I took a dip in the water to feel the cold rush on m body. It was a good temp. of 59* that morning, which was 4* higher than last year. Mike and I got in a photo before our start in our HOT outfits!
And we're off...
You can see that the water was pretty and still. Right when I started to get into the rhythm of the free-style I got some bad anxiety when my head would go into the water. I had to start doing the breast-stroke for a while. Before the race I expected to swim in about 35 min so that I wouldn't rush myself and I finished in 29 minutes! I handed my timer to my Dad for the bike and he was off. 
(Mike was 3rd out of the water! in 18 min)

He had a good bike ride and he looked good in his new shirt we all got him for Father's day!

Todd finished at a dead sprint! It was very warm for the bike and the run and it 
was at a higher altitude. They did a great job. 

After a while Todd and I went over to hear all of the rewards.
Right when we walked up we heard Mike's name and I went up to get his for him (he didn't want to get his metal-he's too humble and doesn't like all the hype)
Mike got 1st place in his age division and he finished 4th overall!
Surprisingly we got one!! We received 3rd place metals for the relay!
Here's the whole gang. 
I'm glad that we did this race and got a feel for what it's like. We are looking forward
to our next race in August!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

~Let the Races Begin~

This month is full of Triathlon's for Todd and I. Last Sunday morning we volunteered for the Boise 70.3 Ironman. We have been watching the ironman world championships in Hawaii on dvd and it was very motivating so we thought it would be a great idea to take the opportunity to be there for the half Ironman.
We woke up that morning @ 3:30! We volunteered at the T1 (transition 1 from swim to bike). The swim start was up at Lucky Peak and it was very chilly that morning. We were doing security and the official security guy loaned me his nice big jacket to keep warm. The swim start is behind me.
The water that morning was terribly choppy and I can't imagine swimming 1.2 miles in it! There was only one guy we saw that had to get medical attention because he was hypothermic. It was a tough race and a long morning for us. Todd helped spot out Kate Majors who has finished 3 in the wold championships and this year she took 1st place in the Boise 70.3. That's nothing for her!
70.3 Viking Man
Another cold day for a triathlon. Yesterday My sister-in-law Annette did the 70.3 in Burley. We traveled over early just in time to get there to see her come out of the water. The swim for this one was in a river which is supposed to be down stream but the wind that day was so strong that the current was moving UPSTREAM! No joke. She made it through and coming out strong and cold!
Sweet Victory! She was so excited to be done. That is a great accomplishment to have done a half ironman! I hope to do that one day. Right now I'm just concentrating on my Sprint Triathlon which is probably a 1/4 of what she did! She was welcomed by her cute kids. Great job Annette, that was very impressive!

Up-coming Events~
June 21st-Janet Clarkson Memorial Triathlon
This is a relay tri that we are doing. I'm doing the .65 mile swim (it's going to be a cold one), my Dad is doing the 13.1 mile bike, and Todd is doing the 4.2 mile run. My Dad wanted to do the bike and we all thought that it would be fun to go on a camping trip to Yellowstone and do the relay.
August 9th-Emmett's Most Excellent
This is the real deal. I'm actually doing the Sprint and Todd will be doing the Olympic distance.

I'm very excited to do my triathlon. I almost have anxiety because I just want to get out there and do it right now. I love to swim, bike, and run now and I didn't really before. I have learned a lot training and watching others in their races. It's all a mind game really. Our body's can do more than we think. My new Moto is "I Can Do Hard Things" and it has really kept me going. Sara Reinertson has given me a lot of my modivation. Watch this video.