Friday, October 19, 2007

No More Ring!

Todd is in intramural football this fall at BSU. They have a fun team this year and are undefeated. Just the other day Todd was throwing with some friends and jammed his ring finger and his middle finger. The middle knuckles swelled up pretty big. He tried to remove his wedding ring and it wouldn't budge! Yesterday morning you could see that his ring finger was bulging around his ring trying to swell bigger. The only answer was to get the ring removed. He went into the hospital and they were able to cut the ring off, thanks to Annette. I am sad that he doesn't have his original wedding ring but we will have to settle for a new one. As you can see in this picture Todd is sad too and he is holding up half of the ring. (sorry we don't have a new camera yet so this picture is from our computer. so it looks a little funny)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Is summer really over?

I am very disapointed that summer is over. Todd and I had a lot of fun memorieson vacations this summer. After our wedding we went to LA and San Deigo for the honeymoon. We went to as many beaches as we could but the sun wasn't shinning like we hoped. The beaches were super crowded but we enjoyed walking up and down looking at the scenery.
We also enjoyed going to the Padre's baseball game @ Padre's stadium. Ok I don't understand how to post the pictures where you want them so you will have to figure out which ones I'm talking about ; )
A few weeks after our honeymoon we were fortunate enough to be invited to go to Lake Powell with my sister-in-law's family. There were so many things to do down there and we couldn't believe the view we had. Thanks to Ben and Heidi and Heidi's fun parents we had a blast. About a month ago we were able to float down the Cabarton River by my parents cabin in Cascade. I can't wait to go again next year. We are going to miss the nice hot wheather we have had this summer. It is already time for sweaters and coats!

We have a Blog!

I finally did it! And it wasn't time consuming at all! I'm sure it will take up more of my time now that I have one. Here is a little update on the little Allen family. Todd is going to school @ BSU full time. Go Broncos! He is seeking a Business Finance degree and has two years left to go. I can't wait. He is also working in his "spare time" at the O.G.(Olive Garden). They work well around his school schedule. Oh and how can I forget football? He is actually playing inermural football right now down at BSU. It is drizzling a little outside today so I hope they all don't get sick, or Todd doesn't slip and break his wrist like last time.
As pour moi I am working full time as a bookkeeper at an excavation company. I have great benefits and they give me raises when I don't deserve one, but I still complain about it. It's not the best enviornemt to be in. Then after work I go to school two times a week. Todd and I are living in an apartment and we love it, except for paying the rent every month. I guess we will learn to love it.