Sunday, January 25, 2009

Girls Night Out

Well I'm a little late posting about the holidays so I'm 
skipping it for now but I will catch up!
My visiting teachers had the idea that every month we 
should get together (w/ all whom they visit) and have a
brunch. So yesterday we
Went to Zandra's (on the far right) and had an amazing morning.
She had the table all set formally with a printed out
summary of the message for the month. 
I always look forward to getting together with them!

Another thing I do every month is get together with my girlfriends!
We call it GNO, our girls night out.
This month we went to Artist For A Day
It's where you get to pick your ceramic item and paint it up. 
I'll have to post a pic of our final products when we get them.
And it was Kami's 24th B-Day!
We had such a fun time and I recommend going to one of these places if 
you haven't already, and doing something once a month with your girls...
it's really a therapy session as we laugh out all of our stresses.
Thanks for the good times!!


Heidi said...

I have been thinking of doing something like that for the girls I visit teach. And the pottery thing looks fun, I also need to try that!

aSHleY said...

Looks like a fun night, you are such a good visiting teacher, you get the gold star award for this month.

Trev and Shan said...

Wasn't that breakfast amazing?!? Dang, Zandra put the rest of us to shame! That's okay's just about getting everyone together. Glad you could make it! We need to plan a bowling night or something soon!